F/A 18 System

Cyberdome’s replica F/A-18 simulators combine off the shelf computer equipment and application specific software with incredibly detailed construction to create stunning realism in the cockpit. The addition of a high-resolution projection system to create the virtual world in which pilots do battle, completes a simulation system that is sure to
deliver the thrills and excitement only found in jet fighter entertainment.

Cockpit Construction:
Construction is a combination of metal and fiberglass components, and the standard paint finish is per Navy colors and insignia (Optional paint schemes quoted by request). All major switches, selector knobs, and instrumentation are fully functional as follows:

- Replica panels/switches/selectors
- CyberInstruments:

  • Multi Function Displays (MFD's)
• Heads Up Display (HUD)
• Back up flight instrument set
• Engine/Fuel status instruments

The replica SJU-17 ejection seat completes the cockpit equipment giving the simulator pilot the sensation of sitting in an actual F/A-18 cockpit.

CyberInstrument Instrumentation:
As outlined above the aircrafts MFD’s, HUD, back up flight instruments and Engine/Fuel status instruments are all fully functional. This level of realism is accomplished through the use of Cyberdome’s innovative and exclusive CyberInstrument technology. The result is a replica cockpit simulator so like the real aircraft cockpit as to be suitable for military squadron level training.

Presentation of the World Outside The Cockpit (WOTC):
A super-bright 1,200 lumens XGA projector with a 300:1 contrast ratio is used to create the pilots view of the WOTC. This resolution combined with the simulation software’s exceptional representation of terrain and atmospheric effects, create a WOTC that the simulator pilot soon forgets is artificial. Use of an 8’ X 8’ projection surface results in over 100 degrees of both vertical and horizontal field of view creating a strong sense of motion when performing aerial combat maneuvers. This surface can take many forms and specifics are defined based on available installation space.

HOTAS Controls:
Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) controls refer to an aircraft system control philosophy required by the military that allows fighter pilots to operate major aircraft systems without needing to remove their hands from the throttle or flight control stick while in the heat of aerial combat. This is accomplished through the use of numerous switches, selectors and cursor controls mounted on both the throttle and the stick. The use of leading edge components brings the same HOTAS system functionality that the military demands for its jet fighters, to Cyberdome simulators.

Cyberdome’s exclusive F/A-18 flight simulation software combines a realistic flight model with an accurate representation and functionality of major flight and combat systems to create an experience that is like flying the real thing. The software is capable of network and Internet play with up to 8 systems. These features are combined with the following elements to produce a total jet fighter entertainment system that is second to none:

- Custom F/A-18 Hornet flight simulation
- Custom interface developed for CyberInstrument functionality
- Realistic Flight Model
- Advanced 3D technology produces some of the most incredible
graphics available
- The enhanced atmospheric effects and stunning texture-mapped 3D graphics create an unforgettable flight experience
- Custom Mission Builder application
- Head-to-head Network Combat with up to 8 systems

Sound System and Intercom:
A subwoofer, high-fidelity sound system provides all environmental sounds. An intercom hookup is provided for pilot/instructor and pilot-to-pilot communication. Selection of headsets or intercom equipped flight helmets are quoted and provided optionally as requested by the customer.

Technical Support:
Technical support is available by telephone twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

All specifications subject to change at any time. The specifications herein are applicable to units intended to be used for entertainment purposes only and are not suitable for flight training or military applications. Cyberdome and its distributors assume no responsibility for any outcome of use of the product for purposes other than entertainment